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Gary Spangler from DuPont on BtoB word of mouth

I’ve been writing about the question of BtoB vs BtoC word of mouth marketing.  Everyone asks about it.

Read the previous post here.

Gary Spangler is DuPont’s word of mouth marketing guru, and one of the big visionaries in the industry. He’s probably the best-known BtoB word of mouth marketers.

Gary and were discussing about the issue. He sees a new convergence between the two audiences, as BtoB and BtoC WOM get more similar.

Gary explains in this article from

As ad:tech presenters pointed out again and again,
responsiveness and accountability have emerged as critical success factors for
any marketer whether in business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer
(B2C) segments.

In fact, according to DuPont e-business leader Gary
Spangler, the line has even blurred between B2B and B2C strategies. He says
we’re seeing “behavior convergences”. He also pointed out that testimonials and
other traditional B2C forms of marketing are becoming increasingly important in
the B2B space.

Marketers have known for decades that word of mouth (WOM)
is the most powerful form of advertising and consumer influence. Online forums
and blogs — coupled with breathtaking advances in search options — have
advanced WOM to new heights. Organic WOM is often emotionally driven and is
based on consumer satisfaction or high dissatisfaction, according to Spangler.

Marketers make the mistake of regarding WOM as a channel
strategy instead of an objective, he asserted. While professional communicators
can amplify WOM opportunities, performance and product quality remain the
critical basis for whether a company will be praised or cremated in the

Hear it right from Gary:

Gary Spangler, DuPont, about BtoB word of mouth marketing

Thanks, Gary!

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