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Get a free, signed copy of Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

We’re running a special giveaway this month: If you buy the comic or audio editions of the New York Times bestseller Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, we’ll send you a free, signed paperback edition.

Wait, a comic book edition?

Yep! This is the action-packed, condensed, and illustrated version of the Word of Mouth book. It’s all the fantastically useful word of mouth ideas from the full book in a format that’s even easier to read, implement, and share.

It’s a great way to teach word of mouth marketing to teams that need it most but don’t have the time to sit down with the complete book. For fans of the full book, the comic makes a great back-pocket guide for your day-to-day marketing.

Buy it here.

And an audio version too?

We just completed this edition a few weeks ago, and we must say, it sounds great. It’s the most convenient and mobile way to learn all of the practical, actionable ways you can get more people talking about you.

For your commute, your big road trip, or your morning workout — this is a great way to learn the essential word of mouth skills.

Buy it here.

How do I get the free, signed paperback sent to me?

It’s easy: Just email us ([email protected]) a copy of the receipt from your comic or audio purchase and we’ll send a signed paperback copy your way.

Sorry, but this offer is only valid for our U.S.-based fans.

Over the next month, we’re going to be sharing lots of downloads, excerpts, and big ideas from both the audio and comic editions. Stay tuned!

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