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This holiday season: Buy the comic book or audio editions and we’ll send you a free, signed paperback copy.

From now through December 31st, email a receipt of your comic book or audio edition purchase to [email protected] and we’ll mail you a signed paperback edition for free. (Sorry, but we can only ship our free paperback copies to U.S.-based addresses.)

The comic book edition is the action-packed, condensed, and illustrated version of the Word of Mouth book. It’s all the fantastically useful word of mouth ideas from the full book in a format that’s even easier to read, implement, and share. Buy it here.

The audiobook edition is the most convenient and mobile way to learn all of the practical, actionable ways you can get more people talking about you. For your commute, your big road trip, or your morning workout — this is a great way to learn the essential word of mouth skills. Buy it here.

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