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Give me a thing worth saving…

which wich cup…and I’ll advertise your company for years to come (not necessarily on purpose).

Everyone in my family got this nicer-than-average cup on a take-out order from Which Wich (a sandwich chain). Now we have a matched set that gets pulled out when the neighbors join us on the deck for a beer.

What have you given your customers they they’ll want to keep around? What will they put on their desk or carry to a picnic?

(Cheesy promo swag doesn’t count. It’s got to be something good.)

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  1. Jana Quinn June 27, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    The best branded logo items I ever received was a pair of magnetic clips from a college organization back in undergrad. The magnets were very strong, and I keep one at home on my fridge for my grocery list and one on my magnetic filing cabinet for my to-do list.

    The first runner up would definitely have to be my aluminum water bottle from a gym I joined. That thing NEVER leaves my side.

    Granted, I’ve got a custom mug and about a million imprinted pens and various other personalized items, but those clips and that water bottle are pretty legendary to me.

    I work in the promotional products business, so I’ve seen just about everything out there short of shaving a logo into poodle. But these clips have been used for years and still get comments, and I’ve run back into buildings on more than one occasion to retrieve my misplaced aluminum water bottle..

  2. AJ Ogaard June 29, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    I love this. Short and to the point and yet it makes impact. I have my favorite pen that is always on my desk. It’s old and the business name / logo is fading away but it is ‘my’ pen. I am connected to it. It’s the little things. Interestingly enough the pen was sold by myself to one of my clients to help keep their brand in sight constantly. It worked!

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