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Giving credit for blog posts

Blogging is all about sharing, linking, and quoting.  But proper etiquette and courtesy require clear and appropriate attribution, and a link directly back to the source post.

Not OK:  Copying an entire post without credit and a clear, obvious link (or a lame link that doesn’t give credit to the author, the blog, and the post).  That’s not fair, it’s stealing. Give the author their due, and make sure anyone reading your post is likely to go read the original.

It is OK to quote a lot of a post, if you do give proper credit and only do it occasionally. Sometimes I’m so impressed with a post that only a big excerpt will convey the author’s message to my readers.

The New York Time’s Rob Walker talks about another dilemma — when and how you give credit for a widely-reported story.  Read it here.

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