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Viral = Me (Not You)

womIf you want something to go viral, it can’t be about you, your company, your product, or your message.

No one cares what you’re selling.

They care about themselves.

That’s what caused the success the Obamicon project:  Upload a picture of yourself, add a your own message, and you want to share it.  Show off your message, your picture, your cleverness.

It also worked because they got the viral essentials right:

  • image Easy to make
  • Easy to share
  • Shareable everywhere, especially in super-viral contexts like Twitter icons and blog sidebars
  • A simple tell-a-friend form to share your message
  • Plugins to all the big social sharing sides like Digg and Facebook
  • Popularity contests, so users have a reason to get their friends to come and vote

Kudo’s to Paste Magazine for a well-done project.

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