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Good and Bad in Telecommunications

Two Wall Street Journal headlines that impact us all:

1. Good:  Verizon gets it!

"Verizon Wireless’s decision to open its network means
that customers will be able to buy cellphones from rival companies and use them
on Verizon’s network."

This is a lesson for all companies. You can fight a trend, or get ahead of it. It is clear that sooner or later the US cell companies were going to have to open things up.  You can fight to the death and be a bad guy (hello, RIAA), or jump to the head of the line and be a hero.

2. Bad:  Cable still evil

FCC commissioners refused to support Chairman Kevin
Martin’s proposal to increase regulation over the cable industry.

The rat bastards in the cable industry, specifically Comcast, deserve all the regulation they can get.  And a kick in the head. And while we’re at it, let’s throw the rest of their consumer-abusing monopolist CEOs in prison (at least those who aren’t already there).

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