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Another sleazery alert

A friendly reader tipped me off to a company that offers to pack web sites with positive reviews for you.  Their service:

We offer dedicated staff to add positive comments, based upon customer, staff, and vendor laudatory statements to blogs underneath these videos as well as create new blogs touting the features, advantages, and benefits of your solutions. These dedicated resources will also visit and post laudatory comments to industry specific web forums related to your organization.

Hiring someone to post fake positive reviews of your company? This is deeply unethical – and just plain sleazy.

If you hire them (or someone like them, or try this yourself):

  1. You will get caught. 
  2. Your company will be humiliated. 
  3. Bloggers will shame you. Google will block your site. Customers will flee. Friends and family will think you’re an asshole.

Use the WOMMA 20 Questions to make sure you never get into this situation.

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