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Guy Kawasaki + Andy Sernovitz — Live teleconference — Everyone gets 2 free books

imageJoin me and Guy Kawasaki for a live webinar on April 16:

Live Teleconference: Master Google+ and Word of Mouth Marketing

Everyone gets a copy of my book "Word of Mouth Marketing" and Guy’s "What The Plus+" — his new guide to mastering Google+.

imageIn this ultra-fast and straightforward call, you’re going to learn how to get incredible word of mouth and amplify it through Google+. What you’ll learn:

  • Guy Kawasaki on how to master Google+: Find out exactly what Google+ is, how to use it, why to use it , and why Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Mac is to Windows.
  • Andy Sernovitz on how to master word of mouth marketing: Learn how to get more customer referrals, better reviews, lower marketing costs, and happier customers.

We’re going to get specific here: Where to start, what to do, and how to make it successful. Guess what? It’s common-sense stuff that you can use the next day without a big budget.

Learn more here.

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