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Happy people at Zappos

I love the guys at Zappos.  They make lots of people happy. In my book I talk about their extraordinary 365-day return policy.

But I really love this one:  Call their customer service number: 800-927-7671

Every day a different employee hosts the phone calls. Today (Halloween) you get singing:

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, Zappos Customer Service can’t be beat. Hi, my name is Amber, and my name is Kimberly, from our product information support team, and we’ll be hosting today’s daily greeting on this spooky October 31st."

Plus, every call ends with "Press 4 to hear Zappos Joke of the Day."  Two more employees tell you a joke.

Try it!

Lesson:  Have fun.  When is the last time someone called your company just to get a smile?

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