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How to make air travel better

Flying sucks. You can make it better.

  1. Carry sound-proof earphones.  Not newfangled noise-canceling complicated things.  Earphones like rockstars use that block out 100% of  outside sound.  Specifically, these with these from Shure. They can block the sound of a crying baby pushing a lawnmower.
  2. Avoid complainers. Get as far away as you can from complainers. When things go bad, they gImageso bad. Griping just makes it work. Everyone is getting to the same destination in the same tin can at the same time. Yelling and screaming doesn’t make the plane fly faster. Also see #1.
  3. Always carry a sandwich and a drink. My personal superstition: If I have nothing to eat it guarantees that I’ll be stuck for 12 hours.  If I’ve got something with me then I won’t need it.
  4. Sodoku or crosswords. On paper. For those hours when you have to be offline.
  5. Carry an power outlet splitter. You will be a hero when the battle for electricity starts.
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