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History of this blog

This blog used to be an email newsletter called "Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That."  I published 84 issues from 2001 to 2005.  A few other newsletters were incorporated into it, including "You Can Be An Email Marketing Supergenius" and "Paging Dr. Spam-Free." 

Some of the newsletters were written by me, and some by various talented writers I worked with, including Bill Moran, Phil Strohl, John Stubbs, Brian Cooke, Rachel Barrett, Mike Foley, and Jennifer Nastu.
I stopped sending the newsletter in when I became CEO of WOMMA and GasPedal went into cryogenic storage. 

While I was gone, all the cool kids started this thing called "blogging."  I guess I better blog, too!

So… in May 2007, "Damn I Wish I’d Thought of That" is back.  It’ll be a blog, but it’ll also still be a weekly email newsletter.  I’m a big believer that email is a powerful medium, under-appreciated.  Read it on the web, your inbox, your RSS reader.  Whatever makes you happy!

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