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How do I get a job in social media?

It’s like getting a job in music. You have to learn to play.

(You’re never getting a social media job if you can’t use the tools, the same way you’re not getting into a band if you can’t play music.)

Start doing social media. Blog, tweet, and build social media relationships.

But what if you can’t play? You could get a job in the music industry. With social media, you can be in the social media industry even if you don’t want to be a blogger.

Same lesson applies: Learn everything about the industry, follow the news, read the trade journals, and hang out with people in the business. Become very knowledgeable about everyone and everything.

But there is one type who never gets a job — a fan. A fan loves the stuff, wants to be around it, and has the passion. But they can’t do it and they don’t know the business. There aren’t any paying positions for fans.

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