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How to become an email marketing genius: The Simmer


Great email is about the simmer sale. Not the hot sale — the simmer. Like a great stew that simmers forever until it’s perfect. It’s the best thing ever invented to keep a huge number of leads happy for a very long time, at very low cost, until they are ready to buy.

I look forward to every email from Brian Linder. He’s a real estate broker in Austin who specializes in modern houses.

Each week I get a picture of a house that is fantastic. I want it. Then I look at his website and check out the other fantastic houses. The email itself is nothing fancy — just the house of the week. Anyone could do it.

And that’s the lesson for you. Bad email marketers focus on the number of sales they can close on each message.

Good email marketers think about the long term. They think about how to get the buyer to read, click, and think about their products.

And eventually, the reader buys.

I’m not buying a house this week. Or this month. But when I’m ready in a year or five — Brian will be the one and only broker in my inbox. When a friend asks me about a broker, I’ll be thinking about Brian.

Email is so cheap that if you can repeat this with a few thousand readers, you’ll always have a batch that are ready to buy.

How do you do it? Change your goal from get them to buy to get them to read forever. That’s so much easier: just give them one great thing to read each week. The less you sell, the more people read. Which leads to more prospects over more time. Which, in the long run, leads to more sales than a sales-focused strategy.

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