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Newsletter #802: The “Lessons from Going Green” Issue

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With so much energy and smart ideas behind the green movement, there are a ton of ideas we can all learn here. A few to get you started:

1> For billboards
2> For packaging
3> For services
4> Check it out: Crap At My Parents House

1> For billboards

The pioneers and promoters of going green get extra scrutiny — everyone expects them to practice what they preach. Denver Water is using billboards to promote water conservation, but with a twist: They’re posting thin vinyl sheets over existing billboards with messages like, “Picasso reused old canvasses, too. Waste is out.” They get permission from the previous advertisers to do it, and the process uses about 92 percent less vinyl.

The lesson: Great brands practice what they preach. How can you better lead by example on whatever you’re teaching others to do?

Learn more: Adfreak

2> For packaging

Because packaging is such a focal point of the green movement, there are a ton of innovations happening here. One of our favorites we’ve seen recently is Samsung’s simple packaging of their “Sleek” phone, which allows customers to re-use the box to ship old electronics back to Samsung for recycling — at no charge. By looking at their box as more than something to simply store a phone, they’re able to completely change the purchase experience (and do something good for the world, too).

The lesson: Try looking at your packaging as more than a temporary place to hold your product — is there a way you can add more life and utility to it?

Learn more: Matter Network

3> For business

The green movement is creating a bunch of opportunities for entrepreneurs that are both good for the world and the wallet. Green Garage, for example, offers small tune-ups designed to dramatically increase customers’ fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. Small changes like super-efficient oil filters, filling car tires with nitrogen instead of air, and installing lead-free wheel weights can all add up to significant fuel savings. It’s a brilliant business strategy — they’re not out to invent a competitor to the Prius, they’re just helping all the cars already on the road become more efficient.

The lesson: Before you look to invent something or launch a new product line, look for a way to make small, yet significant improvements to what’s already available.

Learn more: Biz Journals

4> Check it out: Crap At My Parents House

Crap At My Parents House pays homage to all the weird stuff that everyone’s parents have. From awkward vacuum covers to creepy doll collections, they’ve got most of the bases covered.

Check it out: Crap At My Parents House

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