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How to get honest feedback … and fantastic testimonials

Ask a neutral third party to interview your clients for you.

Most people are uncomfortable giving honest direct feedback. But they are happy to talk on and on about you to someone else.

You’ll get some uncomfortable negative feedback.

And you’ll get a ton of fantastic, honest compliments that you never would have heard. You can use these (with permission) to build a powerful testimonials page for your site.

Inspired by Sean D’Souza’s article: How To Get Your Client To Sing Your Praises Louder Than Usual and Ken Blanchard’s Raving Fans

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  1. Lars December 7, 2007 at 9:39 am #

    We added a “How Can We Improve This Page” feature to the bottom of our product pages on our web site.
    All you do is type in the box and hit the submit button.
    You don’t have to include your name or contact information, so the feedback we get is plenty honest!
    We get our share of hilarious, rude, or irrelevant feedback, naturally. (Sometimes it is all three at once.)
    But more importantly, we quickly hear if our product descriptions suck.
    People won’t usually take the time to email you about it, or call in if they have a simple question.
    But they’ll very often tell us about it with this form, and it allows us to constantly improve all of our product pages.
    It doesn’t use a third party, but it has the same kind of “they won’t know who I am” feel that generates honest responses.
    FYI, I stole this idea from, where I first saw it, and then I paid a programmer to create the same feature for my site!
    Great blog! I got here indirectly from a Marketing Prof daily email. I’m adding it to My Yahoo.

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