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Bed bugs …

Bedbug There is a market for everything … including dogs that sniff for bed bugs.

But the point is …

I love trade magazines.  All of them.  I will grab any magazine I see and read a few articles.  This ad was from Lodging and Hospitality.

Trade mags are your free ticket to diverse knowledge about all sorts of markets.  I get Wine Business Monthly, Packaging News, Broadcasting and Cable, and something about gas station maintenance. 

I discovered this when I was 14 and found out that you could get free magazines.  So I started signing up for them.  Needless to say, I know a little bit about a LOT of businesses. 

Next time you’re in a waiting room, look for the most obscure and specialized magazines you can find.  Skim them, especially the ads.  Most are free, so tear out the subscription card and send it in.

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