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How to instantly get more press coverage — a cut-and-paste memo to your PR team

Dear PR Department:

Why are the videos on our website copyrighted? Why are they in some weird proprietary player?

Why can’t people just grab them and put them on their blogs and websites?

I thought the whole point of making corporate videos was to get press and exposure.

Doesn’t making the videos impossible to share defeat the purpose? Aren’t we wasting a massive (and expensive) marketing asset?

Suggestion: Take every video the company has ever produced and get it on YouTube tomorrow. Link to the YouTube video from our sites instead of using our own player. If we do that:

  • Every prospect who watches a video will be able to share it with colleagues, increasing leads and sales
  • We’ll get more leads for free, because YouTube is the second largest search engine (bigger than Bing and Yahoo!)
  • We’ll get a ton of free coverage and a ton of web traffic
  • Our fans’ blog posts about us will be more interesting and accurate if they use our video instead of making up their own stuff
  • Our web hosting costs would go down

Is there something I’m missing?


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