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What if you’re not big enough to get word of mouth?

Answer: Team up with friends!

Your little business may not generate break-through buzz. But a crew of similar businesses with more to talk about can become a buzzworthy story.

12 local Chicago childrenswear designers joined together to create the Kooky Children’s Shop. They now have enough collective activity to support a group website and pop-up stores around the city.

Buzz for one results in buzz for all — including a major plug in Daily Candy:

Gift buying can be spooky,
mysterious, and ooky.
It helps to take a looky at
the pop-up shop Kooky.

Local designers sell their
art, bags, and cute kids’ wear
(like Pluto and Juja Bear!) at
the pop-up shop Kooky.

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

For just two months it will stay,
in time for the holidays.
So be sure to find your way to
the pop-up shop Kooky.

Lesson: More people talking can make a better conversation.

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