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How to promote a blog post with word of mouth

You’ve written the world’s most important/stunning/news-worthy/exciting/vital/funny blog post. Everyone needs to see it. You need word of mouth!

Here is a list of the best ways to promote a blog with word of mouth marketing.

It’s a work in progress. This is a participatory blog post!! ADD TO THIS LIST – COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR IDEAS.

Update: Please note — this is a quick list that I hope will spark conversation. Don’t run out and do all this stuff without thinking it through and making sure they make sense for you. Most important: Each of these techniques has specific ethics implications.  Learn the rules of each service and always be 100% honest. 

How to create a famous blog post

  1. Write something truly wonderful.  (This is the only mandatory step. If it’s not fantastic, no one is talking about it.)
  2. Bookmark it in
  3. Dig it in Digg.
  4. Add an "Email This" link to your posts.
  5. Set up a Feedburner FeedFlare that automatically adds all these links to your blog.
  6. Post it to Facebook.  Send it to your Facebook friends.
  7. Post it to LinkedIn. Send it to your LinkedIn Friends.
  8. Email a small list of good friends that you think will be interested.
  9. Comment on a few blogs that are talking about the same thing (with a link to your post). BE POLITE. Make sure your comments are absolutely relevant to the post you are commenting on.  Don’t overdo it and don’t use the same comment on every blog. That is spam.
  10. Email a few bloggers with a tip about your story.  Just a few, and only those who you think might be interested.  Use taste and restraint.  Read the blog first and learn how they like to get tips.
  11. Link back to everyone who links to you.
  12. If it’s geeky, submit a tip to Slashdot.
  13. If it’s funny, Fark it.
  14. Recommend it to StumbleUpon.
  15. Make a PowerPoint of the post and put it on SlideShare.
  16. Make a video and post it to YouTube.
  17. Email it to a few reporters if you KNOW they cover the beat, and if you are CONFIDENT that the story is a good one.
  18. Use tags.  Put as many relevant tags as you can think of.
  19. Create a Truemor.
  20. Post to Reddit.
  21. Twit it.
  22. Do a press release. Not because reporters are going to necessarily write it, but because press releases show up in search engines and get you lots of visitors.
  23. Mention it in your email newsletter.
  24. Post it to your eBay blog.  They get huge traffic!  Add it to any eBay listings.
  25. Create a Squidoo Lens.

Add your ideas below.  Comment.  Repost this to your blog — I’ll link to you in return.

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