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If you find me sprawled in a ditch someday …

It’s probably because I yelled at another Chicago cabbie and he tossed me out the door.

But I’m so sick of the insane behavior of these maniacs. I’m not talking about bad smells or grouchy service. I’m talking about truly dangerous driving. Texting on the freeway. Throwing garbage out the window. Running stop signs. Driving on the shoulder. Chasing ambulances (really).  And a non-stop stream of profane screaming. 

(I’m not a wuss … I’ve lived in New York, DC, and Philly … traveled everywhere else … and have never experienced anything like Chicago cab drivers.) 

I’ve started saying something. They don’t take it well. They scream back. 

But we all need to say something. Or it will continue forever. So please, please, please don’t just walk away when your driver does something horrible. Say something. Then call their cab company. 

I gave up trying to report drivers to the city. When you call the city complaint line, they make you fill out a form and mail it in. They say it’s anonymous … but you have to write your name on the back. I just don’t trust my neighborhood bureaucrats to remove my family residence from the form they send to the maniac driver. 

That’s why I love what I got at the airport in Dayton: a pre-paid postcard with the cab number on it to send in any complaints. It’s a fine system, and could be implemented overnight by any city that really cared to make things better. 

Consumer feedback is what it’s all about these days. Consumer feedback is powerful. And it’s damn easy to get. Cities: Clean up your messes by opening up easy feedback mechanisms. 

How about a way to text-message a cab # and complaint to a city hotline?



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