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Instant Happiness

You look great today

This is what you see when you fill out a form at Creative Mornings. Super happy, right?

What simple, free thing can you do to make your visitors feel happier?

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  1. Bradley Robb December 27, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    1. Creative Mornings is great – like a more actionable, less navel-gazing TED.

    2. The happiness-inducing compliment is actually a take on Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion principles. It turns out that, even when an individuals knows a compliment to be false (that is, when the person receiving the compliment knows the giver to be speaking a falsehood, the receiver still feels measurably better). Maurits Kaptein gave a great presentation about this in a Conversations@Google video.

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