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Promote your fans, not yourself

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When you use your resources to promote your fans instead of yourself, you create a much more interesting conversation.

The bigger the brand, the bigger the spotlight they have to feature the work and passions of their customers.

Think about it this way: Harley has one of the sexiest brands out there. They can get away with a lot more self-promotion than most of us because the stuff they make and promote is inherently cool.

But they’re actually one of the best at featuring their fans — and they get a huge word of mouth boost from it. Even for a brand this fascinating, it’s still more fun to talk about all the cool stuff their customers are doing.

Check out their “Your Rides” community on their website for an example of how they do it. It’s where fans upload pictures of their custom and modified bikes, and other fans comment and rate them.

How could you show off your fans and customers?

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