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Irv, don’t lie to me

I was going to write a really fun post about the great service I got at Irv’s Luggage Warehouse.  I was buying a new backpack from favorite client JanSport, source of much good word of mouth.

But when I got home, I realized that they did something I just hate. On the price tag and web site, Irv’s listed it as $200, marked down to $99.  But the list price of the bag is $145.

I felt like I was getting a fantastic deal. Until I got home and realize that they lied to me. And that they systematically lie to all their customers.

I don’t get it.  With the Internet, everyone knows what something should cost. Plus, I still would have been thrilled to save $50. 

I’ve spent $300 at this store in the past few years … never again.  Go to REI, MEC or eBags instead.




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