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Is your first impression an awesome one?

Here’s a guest post Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing and Social Navigator at Sprinklr, wrote for our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day.

Usually when you walk into a professional services firm’s office, it’s pretty standard, staid, and shall we say “unremarkable.”

Not so at Hagerty Consulting.

There, you are greeted by a hand-drawn Comic of the Day and a “Faces of Hagerty” collage, introducing you to the people (the actual humans!) who work there.

Not only is it remarkable, but it’s personal and authentic.

Reception areas are one of first touchpoints that people have with your firm and, so often, it’s a wasted chance to make that impression awesome and to create the feeling for your brand.

Here’s Laura, the Linchpin who drove this initiative, describing what she did:

The billion channel universe means that there are now many, many more customer touchpoints throughout your organization. Many of them you can’t control or you don’t have the time/energy/bandwidth to actually assess and improve yourself.

Combine that with the fact that your employees, vendors, and partners all have networks which can be vehicles for the word of mouth about you — and you begin to recognize the value of making everyone a marketer.

But what you really need is to have is a leader who encourages front-line “troops” to take initiative.

Laura’s boss, Steve, is this kind of person as you can tell from this video.

What about you? What does your first impression feel like?

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