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It’s more than talking … It’s listening

Michael Rubin wrote a great post about how Mattel handled the whole lead-paint issue on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog, where I’m an occasional contributor.  (Michael is the original WOMMA editor back when it was just the two of us. Now he’s with Arment Dietrich.)

Mattel did everything right from a classic PR perspective.  But they didn’t do much when it came to the new world of empowered consumers who are demanding a voice.

Michael asks:

  • Where is the forum allowing consumers to talk with one another?
  • Where is the message board fully staffed with customer service personnel ready to answer questions?
  • Where is the daily blog with updates on the corrective actions they are taking?
  • Where are the Mattel representatives or PR folks in commenting on
    Consumerist,, Facebook forums, etc. (i.e.
    *participating* in the conversation?)

Right on. Read the original post here.

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