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I want to feed you!

I send a ton of food gifts.  My favorites:

  1. Carnegie Deli Cheesecake
  2. Racine Kringle
  3. Carr Valley Cheese
  4. Dale and Thomas Popcorn
  5. 4-pound bag of M&Ms

Nothing matters more than the order form if you’re selling gifts.  When I’m sending 9 packages to 9 addresses, I don’t have 45 minutes to work through your ancient, single-purchase order form.  Create a form especially for gift order that speeds the process.  Even better, create a way for me to upload a spreadsheet.

I send most of my orders to Racine Kringle and Dale and Thomas purely out of convenience. Racine Kringle has a really great, elegant order process for gifts – best I’ve seen.  Dale and Thomas used the human approach, taking care of you on the phone.

Carnegie Deli would be my preferred choice, but the web site is pathetic. Carnegie Deli: You have lost $3000 in sales from me this year because of your horrible web site.  (Milt & Marian .. call me, I’ll introduce you to someone who will fix it for $1,000. I know you updated it, but it’s just no good.)

Important: I send GOOD food. Try these companies. No one wants a crusty, overpriced gift basket with weird crackers. Get the good stuff!  You will be remembered when you send the greatest cheesecake on planet earth.

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