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It’s not about the competition. It’s about not sucking.

All the competition in the world doesn’t matter. You sucking more than the competition does.

Read this insightful article by Mike Masnick about the movie industry. He talks about how movie theaters are in a constant panic about competition from DVDs and on-demand options. Which is the wrong thing to be paying attention to.

It’s not an either-or choice. If a home movie is pleasant, you’ll do that. If the theater experience is worth 10 bucks, you’ll do that too.

The theaters have spent millions fighting home movies. They should look at their own suck factor instead. They should focus on making the movie experience better.

I hate going to movies. Food sucks. 30 minutes of ads and commercials. And always some ass talking like he’s sitting in his living room. If I want bad food, commercials, and never-ending interruptions, I can watch a movie at home with my kids for free.

Alamo Drafthouse, our home-town Austin theater chain, delivers amazing experiences, including full meals at your seat. And a delicious policy of vigorously booting out talkers. They are better. They are worth 10 bucks. Competition doesn’t matter to Alamo, because they are worth it.

Are you freaking out about competition — or are you making sure your product is worth the money?

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