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JetBlue calling

I flew JetBlue this week for the first time in a long time.  It was very pleasant — nice people, clean, lots of legroom.

Unfortunately, I got stuck at JFK for hours, two days in a row, due to weather delays.  JetBlue offers free wifi in their terminals, which is a nice perk.  But it was so under-powered that nobody could connect.  People were getting angry and frustrated.

Lesson #1:  Expectations count. Don’t offer a perk unless you can deliver.  The negative word of mouth on this was probably more than if they had they not offered it in the first place.

With hours to kill, I filled out a little complaint form on their web site (when I eventually connected). I got a form letter reply.  I sent a pissy response, saying "thanks for nothing."

And the next day …

Debbie called to apologize for the email.

She is "Crewmember 35346" from the JetBlue "Customer Commitment Crew"

It was an amazing touch.

These days you can’t get most customer service reps to share a glass of water if their own mother was on fire. Debbie and JetBlue definitely made my day.

Lesson #2: Let your service team be real people.  Let them solve problems, let them be nice.  Does your call center even let people make outgoing calls?

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