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Jobs @ GasPedal: Make your living writing about social media and word of mouth marketing

What we do, what we believe

We want to teach the world to blog. And use social media. And be really great at word of mouth marketing. 

Why? Because companies that understand this stuff are more open, transparent, honest, and kind. Because companies that learn to get people talking (and learn to talk back) are better businesses. We’re about one big idea: Companies that make people happy are more successful. 

Businesses everywhere are beginning to realize that this is the one and only secret to success. They are building a future where honest, ethical customer love is the most powerful kind of marketing. They are learning to listen, to obsess over customer experience, to treat people like people, to value values, to respect the environment, to be part of the community. To be nice. 

We believe that this is good for society … and it’s a profitable business strategy. Companies that get their customers for free through the power of word of mouth have a fundamental competitive advantage over those that use expensive marketing to chase fleeing customers. Smart companies reinvest those savings in service, support, and innovation — making them unstoppable with even more word of mouth. 

Our readers/fans/customers are smart people who are changing things. They’re improving the relationship between businesses and consumers. 

GasPedal teaches them how to do it. We help people and companies become word of mouth marketing supergeniuses. 

Our hands-on practical advice is easy to execute, affordable, and delivers measurable results in 60 days. We create conferences, communities, content, and consulting for those who want to change their companies (and, maybe, the world). We help them make people happy. 

Join us!

GasPedal is a dream job if you are interested in blogs, social media, word of mouth or the future of marketing. You won’t just be reading about the visionaries. You’ll be working with them to make the future more ethical and effective. Stop talking about this stuff — do something about it. 

We are a creative team who loves to innovate, so you’ll have lots of opportunity to do interesting things. Our employee handbook has a few simple rules: No office politics. No jerks. Real personal growth. And a guarantee that you will never again have a single boring day at work. 

Read our stuff. Send us a resume. Make a difference.

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