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Keep a lot of leads happy for a really long time

I got a call from the new manager of a store where I bought gym equipment a few months ago.

“Hi, this is Shawn, the new manager at 2nd Wind. Just wanted to see how your workouts are going and how I can help.  We do a free personal training class every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the store.  It’s all about you … drop in any time.”

This is good marketing.  Free, personal … and a reason to go back to the store.

On the other hand, the gym I paid $70 to every month wouldn’t return my calls.  They’re bankrupt.

If you’ve got a product that is purchased infrequently, don’t worry about hot leads. Worry about the simmer sale. What can you do that is inexpensive, simple, and non-intrusive that will keep you in touch with a prospect for months and years?  How can you keep them on a low simmer until they are ready to buy?

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