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Get out of the closet to get word of mouth

Many products have a word of mouth challenge because you keep them under the sink, in a drawer, or otherwise hidden. No one thinks to ask you about them, and you never remember to talk about them.

Be more subtle

image The Wall Street Journal reports: “Makers of dishwasher detergent and fabric freshener are dressing up their packaging in the hopes that consumers will showcase the bottles when they’re not using them. Instead of relying on bold colors and big logos to make these items jump off the store shelves, marketers are coming up with subtler packaging that they believe better meshes with shoppers’ home decor.” Example: The Febreze Décor Collection.

Be worth showing off

image Kleenex boxes come in a variety of cool shapes and sizes that you wouldn’t mind displaying. Some are odd shapes that won’t fit in a traditional holder, so you have to display the brand.

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