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Keep it simple

Get your hands on the Simplicity Cycle by Dan Ward. It’s not your regular book.

You’ll read it in less than 1 hour.

What I took from it:

  • There is a relationship between simplicity and goodness.
  • Things start out simple and OK (ipod 1.0)
  • As you add stuff, it gets more complex, but more good (ipod 5.0)
  • If you add too much, things get complicated (which is different than complex), and less good. (microsoft zune)
  • At this point, take away complexity, and it gets even more good. (ipod shuffle)

(Dan is using a great guerrilla campaign to market the book. Friends of his all over the world are putting copies of the book in bookstores – with a note telling you to take it home, for free. You can’t buy it, it’s not in the store’s inventory, it has no price. That’ll start conversations.)

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