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High school newspapers

Here’s a great bit of advice from Anastasia Goodstein at Ypulse:

She interviews an author about reaching out to the most under-served journalists in the world:  High school newspapers. The author shares:

As I go about major grassroots promotion for Violet On The Runway, I found an avenue that I think might be interesting to your readers: High School Newspapers!

It’s really a "duh" thing–no one sends CDs, books, DVDs, etc, to this audience, but it’s the PERFECT venue for reviews! It goes to such a pure audience. I contacted around 100 high school newspapers offering to send review copies of my book, and ALL 100 replied. I’ve done a dozen interviews, talked to my real audience so they themselves can write about the book–it’s incredible.

I remember my school-paper days.  We would have been sooo eager to hear from a real author, artist or company.  And we were desperate for anything to write that wasn’t another student council story.

Of course, you must show extreme care any time you market to teens. But teen reporters would appreciate the same professional treatment as you give grown-up reporters.

Lesson: What group of influencers are you missing?

Read the original post here.

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