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While plenty of places have super fans who are willing to get a tattoo of their logo, (Three Floyd’s Brewing has an entire gallery of them) it’s not every day that you see this as an option on a menu. But at Banger’s in Austin, you’ll find it right next to the dessert menu.

Banger's menu offers a free tattoo of their logo.

Banger’s menu offers a free tattoo of their logo.

(Image from Downtown Austin Blog)

It explains that Banger’s has partnered with a local tattoo parlor to pay for you to get their logo inked and to ask your server about it if you’re interested.

They probably don’t have a lot of people take them up on that offer, but because they display it proudly on their menu, even people who don’t get the tattoo will at least get a good laugh out of it — and they’ll definitely talk about it.

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