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We’re here to blow minds

This is a post from The Pursuit of Happiness, a blog on happy workplaces and work culture at my company, GasPedal. Check it out for more posts like this every week.

We believe that step one isn’t great customer service. Step one is blowing people’s minds with awesome.

It’s why we do stuff like mail our members onesies when we find out they’re expecting, cheesecakes when they decide to renew with us, and champagne if they get engaged.

But those are just the planned presents we send each week.

We’re also always on the lookout for those little unplanned moments to wow someone. Like giving them a s’mores kit if we hear they like s’mores or a personalized T-shirt with their team’s nickname on the back.

In fact, we have an entire department dedicated to these relationships. Why? Because we think making someone’s day should be someone’s job at our company.

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