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Make it smaller: Microsites

The coolest marketing campaign can get lost in the a big corporate site. There is never enough room to get all the best stuff on the home page where everyone will notice it. (And you shouldn’t try. I’ve always admired a redesign of the IBM site by R/GA that still has fewer than 150 words on the home page.)

So what do you do? Create a special-purpose microsite. A microsite is a single-purpose web site to support one message or campaign. Done wrong it can split your audience and message, but done well it can bring a laser-sharp focus to a campaign.

Look at from The Well Advertising for a list of the best microsites. (The Well specializes in this technique, and they are very good.)

You don’t need to be big to make this work. I have 3 sites for little ol’ me, each designed to clearly deliver a specific message:

The lesson: Simplicity and focus gets your message through.

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