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Making it easier to share works

image I was meeting with ShareThis CEO Tim Schigel when we each pulled out a ziploc of stickers and buttons to share.  We were both on vacation.  A true word of mouth guru always is ready to give a goodie to a potential fan.

ShareThis is that one-click button that lets you share a blog post on all sorts of sites.  Two of my most important word of mouth marketing best practices are to make it easy for your fans to share and let them share however they want.

Tim shares some interesting data on how well this works:

  • Sharing goes up 5x when you have access to your contacts at the moment you share
  • Sites with ShareThis link have 6% more traffic
  • Allowing visitors to post your content to their own sites with one click results in several times more posts about you

Watch my interview with Tim Schigel:

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