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Offline word of mouth classic

Word of mouth tip: If you don’t make it easy to share…no one will share.

Jack Covert and Todd Satterson are the best business book marketers of all time, so it’s fantastic that they finally wrote their own book: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

(Buy all your bulk business books from their company: 800-CEO-READ.)

So I got my advance proof in the mail today. And the first thing that popped out of the box:  two postcards for me to forward to my friends to recommend the book. They are funny, simple, and will get used. (Click for a close-up.)

CIMG3575 CIMG3569

As an author and blogger, I get 4-5 books in the mail every week.  This is the first time I’ve ever had an author make it easier for me to recommend it to a friend.

When your customer opens a package: How are they going to tell someone?  How are they going to tell 10 people?  How much money would you make if 10% of existing customers made one referral when they receive an order?

Lesson: Always put a word of mouth tool in the box.

P.S. Jack, there seems to be a typo – a certain word of mouth marketing book might have been accidentally deleted.

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