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Mini-Review: Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade

I optimistically upgraded a few weeks ago.

This product quite possibly may have had more usability research and testing than any other product in the history of the world.  The result?

  1. Some nice improvements, but nothing that will change your world.
  2. One awesome new feature: RSS reader built into Outlook.
  3. New interface seems weird at first, but makes sense as you use it.
  4. Fairly easy to get used to the changes.
  5. But … the freaking thing is so slow that it outweighs all the improvements.  Seriously reduces productivity.  I’m considering going back to the old version.

There is an edition with something called Business Contact Manager.  It may be the Act!-killer, and a great alternative for small business.

P.S. – you should be ashamed of yourself.  There is no excuse why you don’t have fully functional integration with the new version of Office.  You’ve had almost a year to work on it. 100,000 customers are pissed at you right now.  It is the first time I have ever been disappointed in your product or company.

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