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My day at Dell

I just spent a marathon day at Dell, meeting with dozens of
key people working on their word of mouth, web 2.0, and social media projects
(disclosure: they are a client).

There are a ton of things wonderful things happening there
that I can’t discuss publicly. But
here’s what I can tell you:

Dell is a company that gets it. There is
a huge movement inside that organization that truly understands and appreciates
the power of listening and engaging with customers, employees, and
community. It’s not PR fluff either …
it runs deep, it’s widespread, and it’s genuine.

Like all huge companies, it’ll take a while for it all these
ideas to surface and it will be a challenge to figure out how to implement
everything. But I’m optimistic and
energized. Keep an eye on these folks.

Working with Dell has been invigorating. Cube-dwellers everywhere:  Rejoice –  there is hope that big companies will get it!

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