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My day at Dell, part 2

One of the highlights is talking with Lionel Menchaca and his team.

They have cool jobs and they
are totally into it. They surf the web,
they find conversation about Dell, and they join in. They talk to a lot of people, not just A-list
superbloggers, but anyone with a passion for or a problem with Dell.

These are the guys who are out
there talking to real people who blog about Dell. They are the front line troops and Dell’s true public voice.  They step up and take the heat when any one of Dell’s 66,000 employees makes a mistake, and they do it with grace and style.  I don’t know many companies that have the guts to let a few voices say what needs to be said. (Dell: Give them raises.)

Read the latest blogosphere controversy with Dell, and how  well it is being handled.  Original post at Consumerist, the Jeff Jarvis analysis — and the amazing Dell response

And, as a sign they get it, is that everyone was cool when I
started doing a video interview with Lionel Menchaca, Andrew Durrett and Geoff Knox for my blog. No PR handlers around, no corporate messaging censorship. Here it is:

And another from Sean McDonald …. who heads the global online community team.

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