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Newsletter #1008: The “Lessons from a Parking Lot” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.]

Offering remote airport parking is pretty much the same for everyone, right? Well, at Austin’s FastPark & Relax, they’re doing things differently — and it’s earning them a lot of fans and referrals.

How they do it:

1. You never have to wait
2. They get logistics
3. Something for the kids
4. Word of mouth triggers
5. Amazing service
6. Check it out: Nerd Fitness

1. You never have to wait

What’s the one thing that makes airport parking the most stressful? Worrying about making it to your gate on time. At FastPark & Relax, they help relieve that stress by doing their job really well. There’s always a van following you to your parking spot, ready to take you to the shuttle. And when get home, there’s always a van and a backup waiting to take you back to the lot.

The lesson: What one thing is most important to your customers? Are you doing everything you can to go above and beyond on that one thing?

2. They get logistics

When you arrive on the lot, they ask when you’ll be returning. That way, they can coordinate travelers returning on the same day to park in the same area. That means instead of weaving around the parking lot for hours dropping everyone off, the shuttle can stop where everyone’s cars are parked in the same row.

The lesson: This is so simple and so brilliant at the same time. Great logistics like these back up amazing customer service. They come from deeply understanding the customer experience and finding ways to make it better.

3. Something for the kids

Most of the time, FastPark & Relax will give your kids something — usually a giveaway like a bag or a coloring book. That’s something for the kids to do on the plane and a conversation starter for other families at the airport.

The lesson: You know what makes parents happy? When you make their kids happy. Who’s in charge of finding ways to make kids happy at your company?

4. Word of mouth triggers

Your customers are going to remember you most by their first and last impressions of you. Make sure they’re good ones. At FastPark & Relax, as you leave the parking lot, there’s a giant refrigerator full of complimentary water bottles waiting for you.

The lesson: This isn’t just a nice gesture, it’s a word of mouth trigger. It’s much easier for customers to talk about FastPark & Relax’s great customer service when they can say, “They give you chilled water bottles when you leave.”

5. Amazing service

Of course, none of this would work without an amazing staff who work their butts off to make your customers happy. FastPark & Relax’s staff is always friendly and always “on.” They’ll meet you at your car, carry your bags for you, and are just generally helpful and nice.

The lesson: In all of your efforts to get people to talk about you, don’t forget the most basic word of mouth marketing rule: Be nice.

6. Check it out: Nerd Fitness is full of fitness guides and tips from a nerd’s perspective to help you “level up your life, every single day.” The workout advice you’ll find here is made for people who might feel uncomfortable in the gym and need some inspiration from someone who who gets their geek side.

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