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Turn “whoops” into a word of mouth opportunity

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Jura is a small island off the West coast of Scotland, which many people had never heard of until it went missing — missing from Google Maps, that is. Google had somehow forgotten the island in their latest Maps update and virtually “sunk” it.

One company located on the island was particularly offended by the omission — a whisky distillery by the same name, Jura. But instead of writing an angry letter to Google, they decided to take advantage of the mistake to earn some word of mouth.

Jura Map Contest

They created a contest for their fans to pinpoint where the island was supposed to be in Google Maps for a chance to win a bottle of their whisky. Now, there are not only more people who know where Jura is, but also that there’s a single malt Scotch whisky distillery there with the same name and a good sense of humor.

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