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Newsletter #732: The “Focus On the Little Things” Issue

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It's too hard to talk about all your features and benefits. Instead, give everyone something simple to talk about.

   1> The add-ons
   2> The accessory
   3> The absent
   4> Check it out:

1> The add-ons

If your product is sophisticated and technical, the features can be too overwhelming to describe. Think like Apple, who instead of talking about all the specs and details of their iPhone, talks about the apps. These little add-ons are what get everyone so excited and talking to their friends about — even though the phone itself is a powerful piece of hardware. Try focusing on your additional features and optional upgrades that are both easy to talk about and show how great your product is.

The Lesson: The little add-ons are much easier to talk about than your list of specs and features.

2> The accessory

The accessory is what stands out more than anything — it's the little extra that gives people something to talk about. Volkswagen nailed this when they reintroduced the Bug and included a small flower vase in the dashboard. Everyone who walked by the car or saw it on the freeway noticed the colorful flower and mentioned it to a friend or asked someone about it.

The Lesson: An extra accessory thrown in will create more word of mouth than any boring or complicated feature.

3> The absent

Focusing on what you don't have, don't waste, or don't use can set you apart. When Amazon decided to do away with the extra plastic and bulky containers, everyone was talking about what their "Frustration-Free Packaging" didn't have. If you've got an efficient advantage that removes unnecessary excess or saves time, highlight it and help people talk about it.

The Lesson: Great conversations can sometimes be about what you don't sell.

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