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What you need before you worry about word of mouth

[Here’s a recent post I did for the SmartBlog on Social Media. You can follow the blog here or subscribe to the newsletter here.]

You can be amazing at word of mouth. It’s not a difficult science, nor does it require a deep understanding of marketing — but nonetheless, not every company or every marketer is ready for it. If you’re reading these points below and nodding your head, you’ve got a real shot at earning some fantastic word of mouth.

What it takes:

You have a fantastic product or service. No gimmicks, giant budgets, or fancy campaigns can create sustainable word of mouth for average products created for average people.

You’re ready to commit. Word of mouth is a journey, not a shortcut. You’ve got to commit to earning the respect and recommendation of your fans.

You’re ready to release your grip. Word of mouth is something you encourage, support, and work daily to earn — but it’s not something you control. The world will take your story and share it as they want — not everyone is ready for that.

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