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Newsletter #765: The “Location, Location, Location” Issue

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It’s the oldest rule in business: location, location, location. Even in the digital age, picking your spots is as important as ever. A few ideas on how to do it right:

1> At the hotel
2> In the park
3> On the shelf
4> Check it out: Netflix Origami

1> At the hotel

Even if you have a great store or location, it never hurts to try a temporary new spot now and then to find a few fresh customers. Los Angeles celebrity tattoo artist, “Mister Cartoon” — as he goes by — recently partnered with New York’s Hotel Marcel to be their artist/tattoo designer in residence. Not only did Mister Cartoon meet a bunch of new clients, but the partnership between him and the hotel also earned a bunch of headlines and buzz. When looking for a location to meet prospects, travel locales make for a great place to find new clients — but don’t overlook spots at industry events, local festivals, or vacation destinations.

The Lesson: Try meeting a few new clients by looking for a place where travelers congregate.

Learn More: USA TODAY

2> In the park

Would your customers have a better experience if they had the option to enjoy your stuff somewhere other than your store or restaurant? Pink Flamingo — a pizza joint in Paris — makes it easy for their customers to enjoy their pizza while sitting on the banks of the nearby Seine River. After placing your order, Pink Flamingo gives you a bright pink balloon that their bicycle delivery guys use to find you when your pizza is ready. Your restaurant is probably pretty nice, but can it beat a shaded grassy spot with a view of a local landmark?

The Lesson: When picking and designing your location, don’t forget about all the opportunities outside of your store.

Learn More: Slice Pizza Blog

3> On the shelf

Location isn’t just about storefronts and shopping malls, it’s about wherever your customers might meet you. Campbell’s Soup applied this thinking when they asked grocers to stock their Chicken Noodle Soup in the medicine aisle between all the cold meds. Expand on this concept by finding partners to carry your products in their stores (and vice versa) or by posting ads for your services in locations that sell related products.

The Lesson: Location isn’t just about your physical address — it’s about anywhere your customers can find you.

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4> Check it out: Netflix Origami

Put all those loose flaps of paper from your Netflix rentals to an artistic use with the help of In just a few folds you can create a crab, frog, swan, or T-shirt — or any of the other 13 designs they currently have posted.

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