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Newsletter #841: The “Teach Them” Issue

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When you create educational opportunities, you can reach new audiences, find new talent, and help great causes. How a few smart marketers are doing it:

1. About film
2. About entrepreneurship
3. About copywriting
4. Check it out: All Roads Lead to Philosophy

1. About film

When you’re creating learning opportunities, look to help people who have the chance to reach big audiences. Levi’s Film Workshop is a great example. Through the project, they’re putting the latest film equipment in the hands of budding artists and promoting the work they’re producing. In return, Levi’s gets a ton of great content to share, an existing network of artists to help them spread it, and a great relationship with some future influencers.

The lesson: What talented group could you help to reach a fantastic new audience for your brand?

Learn more: Levi’s Workshops

2. About entrepreneurship

Starting a business is hard work — and trusting that business and brand you’ve built to an unproven franchisee can be scary for an owner. Atlanta-based Moe’s Southwestern Grill is facing this exact challenge — they’re opening a new franchise every week. But because so many applicants have no experience, Moe’s created a franchisee internship program to find the ones with the most potential. These unpaid “interns” get full training and spend 10 hours a day for six days doing every job in the restaurant. Moe’s can then evaluate them to determine whether or not they’ve got the passion and skills it takes to run their own restaurant.

The lesson: It can be tough to weed out the talent from the crowd — so why not give them a live test to see if they’ve got what it takes?

Learn more: BNET

3. About copywriting

If you’re great at what you do, why not try sharing some of your knowledge with students? That’s what Groupon is doing through their partnership with 826CHI to teach Chicago 6th graders copywriting. In the program, the Groupon editorial team held a series of workshops to teach these kids how to apply creative writing to create copy for their daily deals. Groupon ran several specials using the student copy, and at the end of the program ran an ad letting Groupon users donate $10 to help publish a book of stories the kids had written.

The lesson: Somewhere there’s a group that could really benefit from a few lessons based on your expertise — and there just might be some great PR in it for you along the way.

Learn more: GOOD

4. All Roads Lead to Philosophy

Ever heard the legend that if you continuously follow the first link on any Wikipedia article, you’ll eventually end up on “Philosophy”? Well, thanks to some smart web work by Jeffrey Winter, it appears to be true.

Learn more:


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