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Newsletter #874: The “Send Them a Thank You” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.]

Few things you can do as a marketer are as powerful as a great thank you. Get good at sending these notes, and you can earn fans for life. How to do it:

1. To make sure they’re happy
2. To encourage them to come back
3. To just say thanks
4. Check it out:

1. To make sure they’re happy

Sending a thank you is a fantastic opportunity to check in on customers and make sure they’re happy. If something isn’t going well, it’s better to find out directly from them instead of finding the feedback online. After every sale, Simplicity Sofas emails their customers a thank-you note and makes sure they’re happy with their purchase. Proactive outreach like this thrills their customers. And if there is something wrong, they’re able to help that customer and ensure future customers don’t have the same trouble.

The lesson: One way or another, you’re going to hear negative feedback. That’s why you’re so much better off sending them a great thank you and giving them the chance to tell you directly.

2. To encourage them to come back

When you’re sending a thank you, include something that makes it easy for the customer to come back (and to bring their friends). Sandwich shop Which Wich sends a hand-written thank you note when customers order for their whole office. Store managers write the notes and include their business card, and they throw in vouchers for sandwiches. Lots of restaurants take bulk lunch orders, but few do much to thank the person who’s influencing the decision — the secretaries, caterers, and event organizers.

The lesson: Always thank your biggest customers, and always take advantage of an opportunity to help them shop again.

3. To just say thanks

Sometimes the best thank you is just that — a simply thank you. You don’t always need to work in an offer or a marketing message. Shortly after the Austin Marathon, event organizers sent a note to neighbors along the route saying, “Thanks for sharing your neighborhood — your support is part of what makes Austin a truly wonderful city.” It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise, and it gave everyone a little sense of community.

The lesson: It’s hard to beat a genuine, straightforward thank you note. When in doubt, just keep it this simple.

4. Check it out:

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