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The entrepreneur’s decision time

A friend is deep in a startup that isn’t going as expected.

He’s out of money, and he’s exhausted.

He has some choices: Switch to a lean-and-mean, do-it-with-three-people-and-no-cash strategy around the original vision. Or shut it down. Or focus on customer acquisition to get it big enough to sell (and bet it all on a sale).

The answer is … (drumroll) …:

It doesn’t matter. Any plan is fine, and any plan might work. What’s important is to pick one and go all-out to make it work. You can’t analyze your way to the right answer. Just choose and do. Action matters most.

But … if you can’t get 100% massively thrilled and excited, if you can’t completely dedicate yourself to the new plan, if you can’t restore your energy and make it fun again … shut it down. Time to move on.

Entrepreneurial energy makes it possible. Fun is why we do it. Without those, let it go and try again some other day.

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